How it works

It is that time of year again and I am excited to offer you personalized Christmas Greeting Cards! Choose from one of my pre - made designs and customize with your own text and pictures or contact me about creating your own custom design. Please click on the tabs to browse through my pre - made designs, see details on pricing and ordering, or to contact me personally. I look forward to making something that fits YOU perfectly!

What makes them custom cards?

1. You can mix and match ideas from several of my cards to make it how you like it (i.e I love "Very Merry" but would like to switch the font using the font from “Polka Dot Christmas.”)

2. You can change the colors on my cards to match your photo choice or your own color scheme. (i.e. I love "Frosty" but want to change the traditional red/green scheme to match my blue/orage/gray scheme)

Here is an example of how I can take colors from your actual photo in order to make it match exactly!

Here is another example of changing a card so it is what you want. I like "Joyful" but I want to add more pictures and would like to change the wording on the card a bit.
3. If you don’t see anything in my pre - made designs that you like, please contact me with your “vision” and I will try my best to make it how you like it.