Q: Where can I get my cards printed?
A: Any Photo lab of your choosing! Some suggestions are Walmart, Walgreens, Sams Club.  There are also a lot of online choices such as Winkflash, Artscow, and Snapfish.  However, if you want a high quality print job on the best type of cardstock photo paper, I suggest seeing my printing options and choosing the 2nd option.

Q: Can you change my picture to black & white?
A: Yes! I can change your picture to black & white or sepia for no extra charge.

Q: Can you change the colors, fonts, or wording?
A: Yes! All colors, fonts, and wording can be changed to your liking.

Q: Do you do any other types of cards or announcements?
A: Yes!  I am focusing on Holiday Cards only at this time, but if you have a specific one in mind I can do my best to come up with something. Just contact me for information.

Q: I'm really busy, is there anyway you can send off all my Christmas cards for me if I give you addresses?
A: Yes!  I charge an extra $.95/card for this service (includes the cost of postage)

Feel free to contact me with any other questions.